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Re: (OT?) epslatex and colors

From: Dmitri A. Sergatskov
Subject: Re: (OT?) epslatex and colors
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2005 08:47:57 -0600
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Claudio Belotti wrote:
Hi all,
when I plot using terminal "epslatex color" the eps file has color mixed
cyan for blue, blue for green ... and I can't get any green line!

I assume what you mean is that the colors on your screen plot
differ from colors in your epslatex output file.
This is a known problem/limitation of gnuplot. Plot will
look differently on different terminals. If you really particular
about the colors in your plot, you need to run "test" command
in gnuplot for all the terminal types you want, figure out
the color index and then, in octave, use plot command
in the form similar to:


where N is the index of the desired color.
For example, (in gnuplot 4.1) for fig terminal:

gnuplot> set term fig big color
Terminal type set to 'fig'
Options are 'color big pointsmax 1000 landscape inches dashed textnormal 
fontsize 10 linewidth 1 depth 10 version 3.2'
gnuplot> set out "fig-test.fig"
gnuplot> test
fig: Palette used before set
gnuplot> quit

Looking at the output file "fig-test.fig" (in xfig) I can see
that 1 is black, 2 is blue, 3 is green, 4 is cyan, 5 is red, and
6 is magenta.
That is different from colors on x11 terminal:
1 - red, 2 - green, 3 - blue, 4 - magenta, 5 - cyan, 6 - brown.


Hope it helps.


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