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Re: fltk, oct files, and windows

From: Brian Blais
Subject: Re: fltk, oct files, and windows
Date: Wed, 05 Oct 2005 06:18:01 -0400
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Shai Ayal wrote:
the cxx & ldflags are same as mine, and I have no problem compiling oct
files and/or fltk applications, although I did not try an oct file which
is an fltk application

well, that's exactly the problem I have:  I can do oct files, I can do fltk 
files, but I can't to oct+fltk files.

As a quick fix, I would try using cygwin's preconnpiled version of fltk
from the cygwins setup.exe application (be sure to get fltk-devel as

I tried that as well, before, with the same problems.  that's when I switched 
to the compiled version.

Also, as others have noted, using gcc-3.3.3 is they only way to do octave
in cygwin right now

already there.

I imagine there is some linking conflict, but I have no idea how to test these 




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