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Re: pslatex terminal output--Problem identified.

From: Petr Mikulik
Subject: Re: pslatex terminal output--Problem identified.
Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2005 17:32:40 -0500

| Do you mean  gget.m  from octave-forge?
| It works OK.

No, it is a terrible kluge and has a built-in race condition because
it sends a "save" command to gnuplot then waits a while (how long is

Yes, it is quite strange ... I think that's due to Windows (no stdout et al).

Please find enclosed gget2.m. It's a version with implementation according to the current ginput.m (available from gnuplot's site, Octave section).
I think the code is clean. However, I don't know what happens on Windows.

the format of the output is not well defined and could change with any new release of gnuplot.

I don't think this is happening. There may be some changes due to addition of new options.


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