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Re: RS232/Serial Comms

From: Stefan Mahr
Subject: Re: RS232/Serial Comms
Date: Sun, 05 Nov 2006 19:23:53 +0100
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John W. Eaton schrieb:
On 28-Oct-2006, Stefan Mahr wrote:

| John W. Eaton schrieb:
| > On 27-Oct-2006, Stefan Mahr wrote:
| > | > | You are right. Any other solution? | > | > The obvious thing is a freely redistributable replacement for the
| > Visa32 library.  But I would guess that you were looking for something
| > that would be easier to do.
| > | | Of course :) Maybe with a server/client structure with comunication over | a socket?

I'm not a big fan of technical gymnastics to avoid the terms of the
GPL.  However, see

for more info.


i have rewritten the gpib toolbox to work with GPL'd linux gpib driver. still no solution for windows. i will send the package to all people who already recieved the previous package. maybe someone put the new package on a website.


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