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Re: configure: WARNING: UMFPACK not found (although installed)

From: David Bateman
Subject: Re: configure: WARNING: UMFPACK not found (although installed)
Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 16:28:25 +0100
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address@hidden wrote:
>> Run configure like this:
>>   configure CPPFLAGS="-I$HOME/tmp/SuiteSparse/UMFPACK/Include" \
>>             LDFLAGS="-L$HOME/tmp/SuiteSparse/UMFPACK/Lib" \
>>             ... other otptions ...
> I tried this. Same error:
> ...
> configure: WARNING: UMFPACK not found.  This will result in some lack of 
> functio                  nality for sparse matrices.
> configure: WARNING: COLAMD not found. This will result in some lack of 
> functiona                  lity for sparse matrices.
> ...
Are you seriously wanting to link against the sparse code in a $HOME/tmp
directory? Shouldn't this be in a system directory like
/usr/include/SuiteSparse for the headers and /usr/lib for the libraries?
One issue is that 2.9.9 doesn't look for the new name of UFSparse (ie
SparseSuite, I which Tim Davis would stabilize the name :-( ). However,
I see no reason the compile flags proposed by John shouldn't work... I
believe to advance on this you should examine the config.log file
carefully and in particular the error messages associated with for
example the search for the umfpack.h file...

Also if you are using debian or fedora, why not just install the 2.9
binaries that are maintained on these systems.. This will save you most
of the work of getting the installation right. Note that there are
significantly more dependencies in octave 2.9 than previously and so its
harder and harder to have a well built octave...


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