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Re: How to make SuiteSparse to be recognizable?

From: Sergey Maslennikov
Subject: Re: How to make SuiteSparse to be recognizable?
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 14:27:03 +0300
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David Bateman wrote:
Ouch, ok I see why you are both having these problems then. The fact is
I've stayed with an older version of UFSparse and not migrated to the
latest version, as there was no additional functionally added that
interested me except a few bug fixes that I hadn't come across in any
case. Whereas as you noted the latest version of cholmod has introduced
a dependency on camd.. Give me a day or so and I'll fix it, after I
upgrade my UFSparse install to the latest SparseSuite.. I don't think
your patch is quite correct as it unconditionally adds -lcamd...


I sure, my patch is most certainly incorrect as it does not reflect all possible conditions. It is to be considered as a suggestion only.

In general, that patch is most probably not applicable for an arbitrary configuration of SuiteSparse programs.


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