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Re: How to make SuiteSparse to be recognizable?

From: Joe Koski
Subject: Re: How to make SuiteSparse to be recognizable?
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 10:11:29 -0700
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on 11/24/06 7:02 AM, John W. Eaton at address@hidden wrote:

> On 24-Nov-2006, Sergey Maslennikov wrote:
> | Yes. I have found that there is a requirement to utilize libcholmod with
> |      libcamd and probably with libmetis. See, for instance,
> | It is written there
> | that cholmod optionally requires camd, but it seems that -lcholmod must
> | be put with -lmetis as well.
> Is METIS really required?  If so, I think that causes a licensing
> problem.
> jwe


In my Mac wanderings, I did install METIS, but was told later that it was
not needed. You must pay special attention to the editing of (in
multiple places) in order to tell the SuiteSparse build process that you
don't want METIS. 

I identified my need of libcamd.a via missing routines with the camd name in
them. I added LIBS=-lcamd before configuring to solve that problem.


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