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Re: imagesc

From: Joe Koski
Subject: Re: imagesc
Date: Fri, 24 Nov 2006 10:41:48 -0700
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on 11/24/06 2:57 AM, Eric Gayer at address@hidden wrote:

Please tell us which version of octave, octave-forge and gnuplot you are

I intsalled octave 2.9.9, and gnuplot 4. (I don't know how to upgrade to the 4.1 version in an easy way)

The older Mac versions of octave/octave-forge write a .bmp file to
display images via the Mac

Where is it supposed to be write ? in the current directory or somwhere else ?

It once wrote into a /tmp file with a gibberish name, which would show up on your desktop in, where you could save it with a name and location of your choice. That assumes that the 2.9.9 version still does what the 2.1.x versions did for Macs. That particular feature may have been dropped from octave-2.9.9 because of massive changes to the octave/gnuplot interface currently in progress for the introduction of gnuplot-4.2. This is a transition time for the octave graphics routines, and you may be caught in the gap.

Some newer (experimental) versions
use the gnuplot pm3d option to write such images directly to AquaTerm.

that's what I am looking for actually, in order to export .pdf file...

There is a beta version called gnuplot-4.2.rc1 out there that works well with AquaTerm. Currently, it must be built from source on the Mac, after upgrading the Mac’s ancient Automake tool. Contact me off-list if you want to attempt that. It’s time consuming, but not too difficult.


thank for your help


I just installed octave on OSX with Gnuplot and AquaTerm, everything
runs fine... I can see a simple plot or even the sombrero on
aquaterm. However I need to plot a matrixe A as we could do in matlab
using imagesc(A)...
But when I do it on octave, nothing happens... I don't see any figure
appearing, I don't see any new window and I don't get any error
message from octave...

Is it possible to plot a matrice on Octave ?

thank for your help


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