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Re: Yet Another Plotting System for Octave

From: Marius Schamschula
Subject: Re: Yet Another Plotting System for Octave
Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2007 20:40:13 -0600



export LDFLAGS="-L/usr/X11R6/lib -lGL -L/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries"

does get me further along. I now have run into an issue with the GLUT:

checking for glBegin in -lGL... yes
checking for gluPerspective in -lGLU... yes
checking for OSMesaMakeCurrent in -lOSMesa... yes
checking for glutMainLoopEvent in -lopenglut... no
checking for glutInit in -lglut... no

Under Mac OS the GLUT is also in a Framework. However there is no libglut...

I have no idea where the glut symbols are stashed away.

BTW: I have also tried Carlo's suggestion

LDFLAGS="-framework OpenGL"

which didn't work. Note that the single dash is not an error, a double dash causes a compiler error.

On Jan 19, 2007, at 8:39 AM, Alexander Barth wrote:


In order to use libGL in OpenGL.framework, you have to set LDFLAGS before starting octave:

export LDFLAGS="-L/System/Library/Frameworks/OpenGL.framework/Versions/A/Libraries"

But maybe you need both libraries (in /usr/X11R6/lib/ and OpenGL.framework):

export LDFLAGS="-L/usr/X11R6/lib -lGL \


Does this work?




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