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Re: wikibook: As Octave is used and developped today nearly as a MATLAB

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Re: wikibook: As Octave is used and developped today nearly as a MATLAB clone,
Date: Fri, 2 Feb 2007 03:34:11 -0500

On  1-Feb-2007, Nicolas Pettiaux wrote:

| 2007/2/1, antonio palestrini <address@hidden>:
| > Dear Nicolas,
| > what about to follow the R/S-plus relationship and say something like
| > "As Octave is used and developed today as a GNU MATLAB".
| >
| > Octave is a "Gnu Matlab" .. what do you all think?
| good point if the otherones consider it like that too.

No, definitely not.  What is wrong with

  GNU Octave is a system for numerical computations with a language
  that is mostly compatible with Matlab.


| > PS: very interesting the Francesco Potorti` idea to link wiki changes
| > in the function helps to the bug mailing list! If is feasible is
| > something like a revolution!!!!!
| yes, indeed.

How do you see this working exactly?

Text entered in the wiki will be in what format?

To be included in the Octave documentation it must use Texinfo
markup.  If the wiki uses some other markup, who will do the
conversion, verify that it is correct, make sure that the text and
examples have not been inapproriately borrowed from some other source,
etc., and then check in the changes?  I'd be happy to have improved
documentation, but I can't take on these tasks, so someone else will
need to agree to do this job.


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