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Re: cellfun

From: Francesco Potortì
Subject: Re: cellfun
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2010 16:19:42 +0200

>>> rfh = @(r) feval (r, 'state', 1);
>>> rfh(@rand)
>>> a = rfh(@rand)
>??? Error using ==> rand
>Too many output arguments.
>Error in ==> @(r)feval(r,'state',1)
>>> cellfun(rfh, {'rand'})
>>> a = cellfun(rfh, {'rand'})
>??? Error using ==> rand
>Too many output arguments.
>Error in ==> @(r)feval(r,'state',1)
>I think the issue is that octave's cellfun doesn't understand what to do for
>functions that don't return a value. I would file a bug on the tracker.

I sent a mail to Octave bugs list <address@hidden>.  But after
doing that, I discovered that one can work around the bug in 3.2.4 by
forcing a return value, like this:

octave> rfh = @(r) zeros (feval (r, "state", 1));
octave> cellfun (rfh, address@hidden, @randn, @rande, @randp, @randg});

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