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Re: octave-4.0.3 64 bit binaries for windows

From: DavidCoe
Subject: Re: octave-4.0.3 64 bit binaries for windows
Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2016 14:54:25 -0700 (PDT)

A final stab at the 'virus alert'! I've used a live linux cd to download
octave-4.0.3-x64-0.7z, check the sha1sum, unpack the offending zip2exe.exe
and upload it to VirusTotal for multi-scanning.

The 13/55 positives are similar but not identical to a scan of my rebuilt
64bit LA NSIS component under mxe-octave. I think we've now eliminated any
possible local infection of your package components and, although I'm no
malware expert, I am inclined to view the alerts as 'false positives'.

Having said that, I would be tempted to send the code and executable to a
few of the vendors perhaps McAfee, Symantec (+) and AVG, Kaspersky (-) for
analysis. As the alert could be 'real', it might also be prudent to remove
the NSIS package from the archive while they respond.

Once again my thanks. Although there are some quite clear instructions
around for building 64bit LA octave on MXE, it really is a mammoth task even
on a fast machine!

Dr David Coe

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