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Re: How do permanently add another search path to info?

From: Andrew Scrivner
Subject: Re: How do permanently add another search path to info?
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2001 09:50:34 -0600

>On Tue, 12 Jun 2001,  Andrew Scrivner wrote:
>> >Why don't you just put all TeX-related Info files in one of these
>> >directories?
>>      Because that's not the right solution. The TeX info files belong 
>>      within /usr/local/TeX/info. Your suggestion is just a hack, not a 
>>      fix.
>Not true: at least as far as GNU installation standards go, there are a 
>single Info directory, usually /usr/local/info, where all the Info files 
>are installed when you say "make install".


        But why then is there an info search path at all if everything belongs
        in /usr/local/info?  I think that you are incorrect, and that is 
        still just a hack, TeX by default has these files here, and it has
        been around forever, I either need to fscking recompile with some 
        sort of compile time arg, or there is a simple elegant way to fix
        my problem. Nuff said.

Andrew Scrivner - UnixOps - Information Technology Services
University of Colorado - Boulder Campus

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