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[igraph] Question about the result of community structure detection

From: Zhigang Wu
Subject: [igraph] Question about the result of community structure detection
Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2008 13:59:51 +0800

Dear all,


I am using igraph to detect community structures of a Chinese power grid. I have invoked the igraph_community_fastgreedy() successfully, and I can see the modularity vector as well. However, I cannot understand the result of “merge” at all. It always shows

0 1084384256

0 1084384768

0 1084390400

0 1084395008

0 1084416512

0 1082445824

0 1084404224

0 1084403712

0 1084417024

0 1084449792

0 1084449280

0 1084444160

0 1084453376

0 1084444672

0 1084445184

0 1084434432

0 1084443648

0 1084357632


Is there anybody who can explain it to me? In fact, I only want to record the detail communities (say, the real node sets of each community) when the modularity property reaches the maximum.


By the way, I have registered to the mail list yesterday, but I have not received any confirm letter yet. Is there anything wrong about the mail list?


Thanks a lot!


Best Regards


Zhigang Wu

South China University of Technology

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