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Re: [igraph] weighted pagerank?

From: Tamas Nepusz
Subject: Re: [igraph] weighted pagerank?
Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 16:13:23 +0200

Hi Eytan,

The Python interface does not yet support weighted PageRank (it accepts the 
"weight" argument, it 
even interprets it, but does not pass it on to the internal igraph_pagerank C 
function). It is most 
likely that I started to implement it some time ago, then I have forgotten to 
finish it ;) I can send you 
a patch if needed.


On Fri, 22 Aug 2008 19:18:30 -0400, Eytan Bakshy wrote
> Hello,
> I am using igraph 0.51 in R and igraph 0.5 in python, and it doesn't 
>  seem that specifying edge weights has any effect in either  
> implementation.  I know that the igraph 0.5 release announcement 
>  mentions that Page Rank and the fast greedy algorithm supports edge 
>  weights, but is this just in the C library.
> In python, I tried creating several graphs where edges have the  
> attribute 'weight', which were floats.  I am trying to compute the  
> weighted pagerank by saying:
>       prw = g.pagerank(weights='weight')
> and if i do:
>       pr = g.pagerank()
> the following statement yields True:
>       prw == pr
> on several graphs using edge weights that were distributed uniformly 
>  at random between (0,1), and then again between (1,1000)
> I am pretty new to R, but it appears that the same thing holds using 
>  page.rank(g, weights=runif(length(E(g)),1,10000))
> Thanks,
> Eytan
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