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[Info-gnupedia]happy new year

From: norman . werner
Subject: [Info-gnupedia]happy new year
Date: 25 Jan 2001 21:20:45 +0100

 reading the discussions in bug-gnupedia... well it's behind my scope.
 tei?! wml?! oh man. 

 whatever the choice of the technicians will be: it will have to be able to
 handle html. and there is a neead for *articles*
 first article from me will be about the "photo-electric-effect". and
 there will be more articles from that fucking physics-for-beginners
 shit - atomtheory of bohr, frank-hertz-experiment, maybe some
 kristallographie. my workinglanguage is german. 
 format will be latex, printable ps and latex2html'ed html 
 (perhapswith some sugar)
 translation -
 server-placement and help is welcome. please no criticism - maybe
 have some fun 


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