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Re: Contribution to the Hurd on L4

From: David Leimbach
Subject: Re: Contribution to the Hurd on L4
Date: Fri, 7 Jan 2005 21:16:29 -0800

> > [1] Fortunately, someone had the good idea to keep a copy of the
> >     standard on the web: http://www.nirvani.net/docs/ansi_c.pdf .  ;-)
> I doubt it's legal - to my knowledge there is no legal downloadable
> copy of ISO C99 on the net.

Luckilly if you are in the US you can get a copy from the ANSI store
for 18 dollars in PDF format.

I've got C99, C++1998 and C++2003 from the ANSI store.  The ISO
versions are a lot pricier for some reason.

> Thanks,
> Marcus
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