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Bug and patch category "Hurd on L4" on Savannah.

From: Marcus Brinkmann
Subject: Bug and patch category "Hurd on L4" on Savannah.
Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2005 15:28:41 +0100
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At Tue, 11 Jan 2005 11:08:51 +0100,
Bas Wijnen <address@hidden> wrote:
> [1  <text/plain; ISO-8859-1 (7bit)>]
> Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> > At Sat, 08 Jan 2005 22:23:41 +0100,
> > Bas Wijnen <address@hidden> wrote:
> > 
> >>As a side note: can hurd-l4 bugs also be reported through savannah, or 
> >>is that only meant for the mach port?
> > 
> > I could make a category for that, if you think it is useful (ie, if
> > you want to use it).
> If think it would be useful to make sure patches don't get lost.  Like 
> others *cough*ams*cough*, I prefer them to be sent to the mailinglist as 
> well, though.

I have no issue with that.  The question is though if it is truely
useful to enable the bug tracker.  I have the feeling that enabling
the patch tracker should be enough - every bug report should be
accompanied by a patch to fix it at this point ;)

Reason being that we are still at the beginning of development.

Anyway, I have added a "Hurd on L4" category in the bug and patch
tracker.  We can see if they are going to be used.

Actually, we could even use the task tracker at some point.  I will
consider it.


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