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help: echo code..

From: Markus Kaarn
Subject: help: echo code..
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 14:10:14 -0600

I didn't had oportunity to write here for a whole week,
so i want to say i'm glad to be back. 8)

Neal H. Walfield wrote:
 > A good first project is to write your RPC.  Try modifying physmem to
> serve another RPC (a simple echo would be fine).  Then write the stub
> and have deva send a message.  In doing this you will better
> understand how the IPC system works.

First, can you give me route, or even write down a piece of code
how can i echo characters to screen. This will help me a lot, because
giving out data to screen is the only way i can examine things.

I figured out that in wortel/wortel.c::main() i can echo till
function load_components(), after this no character can be put out

When i'm done with this, i'll get to space_control(), and try to create
and start tasks..

Have a nice time..

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