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Re: Questions about the device driver framework

From: markus kaarn
Subject: Re: Questions about the device driver framework
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 21:31:49 -0600
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markus kaarn wrote:

Vittore Scolari wrote:
How a bus driver serve and trust device drivers?

Whom bus-driver trust?
Maybe super-user is one who loads drivers. In monolithic
kernels i.e. linux, only root can load & unload drivers, because
he's the one who's trusted. If malicious driver is loaded, it can
crash whole system down. So, root must know what device-drivers
he uses to load.

Here i can't see how diferent it can be on u-kernels.
If say everybody can load device-drivers mm.. it's imposible. 0_0
So what is system related - loads device-drivers.. super-user does that.
And users can do everything else.

Anybody, am i right here ?



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