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Re: Questions about the device driver framework

From: Vittore Scolari
Subject: Re: Questions about the device driver framework
Date: Thu, 20 Jan 2005 22:05:18 +0100
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markus kaarn wrote:

Vittore Scolari wrote:

How a bus driver serve and trust device drivers?

Whom bus-driver trust?
Maybe super-user is one who loads drivers. In monolithic
kernels i.e. linux, only root can load & unload drivers, because
he's the one who's trusted. If malicious driver is loaded, it can
crash whole system down. So, root must know what device-drivers
he uses to load.

Here i can't see how diferent it can be on u-kernels.
If say everybody can load device-drivers mm.. it's imposible. 0_0
So what is system related - loads device-drivers.. super-user does that.
And users can do everything else.

Yes, i tought it too. But how the bus-driver recognizes a task as a ddf-driver, knows that root loaded it and give it permissions on devices? Supposed that the ddf system isn't integrated with the rest of the hurd, capabilities, etc..

Maybe throug the deva layer (that provides interfaces to task-server)? Am i wrong?

I think also that on every os drivers integrate togheter. so again, drivers need to have a some sort of facility to understand if an IPC comes from a driver or from a normal task. If the IPC comes from a drivers, it should be trusted because it's root that loaded it.

Hey, why hurd-l4 can't let the user load a driver?
it would be useful

thanks, Vittore

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