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POSIX Layer / Emulation

From: Leonardo Lopes Pereira
Subject: POSIX Layer / Emulation
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 14:20:31 -0300

To start my text, I wanna expose that I am not an Operating System Designer, I 
am not an "native speaker" of C, C++, Lisp or other programming language. But I 
have a fuckin brain that is saing to me that this discussion is more a personal 
than techinical discussion.

The first point that we have to think about is that we are creating a FREE 
operating system, this mean that, if we need, we CAN adapt it (this is what the 
first freedom say). So, the argue that we will lose many parts of the current 
base of free softwares is wrong. Most of the softwares are not very POSIX 
dependent and can be addapted.

AMS said that EMACS is a example that software that could be problematic to 
port to this new design, but on http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/ has systems 
that are not implementations of 

I am not able to see how hard is implement a layer (or an emulator) to support 
legacy POSIX programs on the detriment of a POSIX system that has almost no 
techinical advantage. I am not saying that he is wrong, but I am not 
undertanding Alfred's point of view.

The Idea of an new Design isn't very documented yet, but I am expect that they 
will not reinvent the wheel, I am sure that they will in a different way, but I 
do not see why all coreutils (for example) will be lost. Sometimes we need a 
command line interface to do things faster.

All that I want is know what are the advantages of a real POSIX system and the 
advantages of a new Design with a POSIX Layer/emulator, and why there is no 
fairplay in this debate.

leonardolopespereira at gmail.com

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