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RE: Supporting POSIX *users*

From: Christopher Nelson
Subject: RE: Supporting POSIX *users*
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2005 10:57:16 -0700

>    A) Hit me in the face
>    B) Talk to the manager to make sure I lose my job, or
>    C) All of the above?
> Neither.
> Who do you kick in the ass if you let anyone use your 
> console?  The system admin, or the person who left the console open?
> If a user runs a unsecure program, and that program screws 
> things up, it is the users fault.
> Put in bad oil in the engine so it stops working, or causes a 
> crash, then you don't blame the car manufacturer do you?

While that is true, consider that most people who are that ignorant got
to a lube shop to have it done for them.  Therefore, for a little extra
money a service is provided that insulates them from their ignorance.

Equally, an operating system that provides insulation for a user from
their own ignorance would be much more desirable in the eyes of
potential users and/or system administrators.


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