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Re: [Libcvs-spec-dev] Any working C client interface to CVS availableany

From: Christof Petig
Subject: Re: [Libcvs-spec-dev] Any working C client interface to CVS availableanywhere?
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 16:57:52 +0100
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Alastair Growcott schrieb:
The C lib part is not dead. It looks dead because the only person
working on it is me and I am REALLY busy. The mailing lists are in a bit
of confusion, but if you want to sign up to them the person to ask is
Alexander Taler (address@hidden) who <mailto:address@hidden)
who> is overall in charge of libcvs.

The C library is mostly incomplete. Almost non-existant. It is one of
those things where everybody keeps writing their own version but doesn't
have the time to contribute to a shared project. The number of people
who have shown interest and then evaporated when asked to actualyl
contribute is quite large.

Perhaps the most difficult part of it is to get the API right so that
every user can most easily _and_ efficiently do his task.

I have no clear idea on how the internal OO design will actually end up
in monotone (though the task and the toplevel design is clearly set).

What has been completed is:

Design for about 70% of repository access stuff is complete.
I have finished the basic pserver code to access a CVS server.

I have finished "rsh cvs server" access and Gzip-stream (data/command
compression) and head now for "cvs rls -l" parsing, then "cvs log", then

I have yet to:

Finish design.
Map those horribly basic text CVS commands to the OO style data access
methods of the library design.
Code stuff to actually retrieve data from a CVS server.

Working client library in anything other than Perl? I don't think there
is one or I wouldn't have spent so much time on libcvs. It looks like
you will be writing the missing 30% unless you feel like contributing to
libcvs in which case you will be writing a lot more.

I will complete my task and look back whether I can contribute something
to libcvs (do you have a public accessible current version available?)

Thanks for the prompt reply

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