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Re: [PATCH] tests: import variables for MSVC.

From: Peter Rosin
Subject: Re: [PATCH] tests: import variables for MSVC.
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 13:35:31 +0200
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Den 2010-09-27 10:45 skrev Peter Rosin:
> Den 2010-09-25 07:28 skrev Charles Wilson:
>> With regards to Ralf's question re: _MSC_VER.  Well, technically you'd
>> probably be "more" correct to do:
>> #if (defined(_WIN32) || defined(_WIN32_WCE)) && !defined(__GNUC__)
>> ...
>> rather than _MSC_VER; that formula would indicate "any win32 or wince
>> platform, using any compiler EXCEPT gcc" -- because only gcc has
>> "auto-import" on win32.
> I agree, it should be more stable, so I'm going with your #if.  Pushing
> with that squashed in (but I'm still waiting on the testsuite, so if
> anybody objects there's still some time).

Testsuite was happy with the new #if (Cygwin/gcc and MSVC), so I have now

Thanks for reviewing!


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