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Re: [PATCH 01/10] tests: migrate legacy tests/cdemo tests to Autotest.

From: Charles Wilson
Subject: Re: [PATCH 01/10] tests: migrate legacy tests/cdemo tests to Autotest.
Date: Mon, 28 Nov 2011 12:12:40 -0500
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On 11/25/2011 11:57 PM, Gary V. Vaughan wrote:
> On 26 Nov 2011, at 11:39, Charles Wilson wrote:
>> a) This is a big holiday weekend in the US, so...a bit more than 72
>> hours is indicated.  Most of us will still be catching up on
>> post-holiday $realjob stuff by the time 72 hours expires.
> Ah, didn't think of that.  Sure, I will be busy myself for a week or
> two, so I won't push for at least a week, probably more.


>> b) cygwin? mingw? msvc? 
> I'm afraid I don't have (or want) access to any Windows machines, so
> I'm afraid that I am relying on you guys to tell me if I screwed up.
> Of course I'm not expecting you to debug or fix my mistakes for me,
> and I'm not anticipating any new problems, since everything is merely
> migrated from legacy testsuite to Autotest testsuite, with minimal
> changes required to keep everything working on my main machines.

Hrm, well, not so much.  See below.

> Although I do normally have access to more machines, the flooding in
> Bangkok has made any use of my Internet connection other than email
> intolerably slow... hence the recent flurry of work on libtool (which
> I can do offline, queueing emails for when my connection is next up)

Ah, well, $realjob's loss, our gain.

> to fill my time while I wait for things to get back to normal.  The
> reason I'll be too busy to do much more of that over the next week or
> two, is that last night I actually had a full-speed connection to the
> US again, so I'm anticipating playing catchup at $realjob myself.
>> Sorry if I seem a bit short, but I'm rather annoyed to see my queue
>> get filled with hours upon hours of work in the middle of a
>> holiday.
> Please don't feel that it's your responsibility to painstakingly pick
> through every patch I post... I'd be more than happy just to get the
> test logs from anything I put on for the architectures
> I don't use to help me restabilize the code closer to a release.

Full test logs for failed cygwin tests sent privately (1MB).

> Enjoy the rest of your holiday, and sorry for working so much on
> libtool recently: 

Well, I really wasn't complaining about the *work* per se -- it's great
that "somebody" is finally tackling some of those
gee-wouldn't-it-be-nice issues, like *FINALLY* switching over to
autotest throughout, with all the attendant benefits.  It's just I
didn't want to have to run the testsuite, on three platforms, over the
holidays in order to meet the 72hour deadline.

> although my objective with the recent
> modernisations has been to try to decruft libtool a little, and to
> make the barrier to contribution much lower than it is currently if
> at all possible.

decrufting is good.

> I rarely have the chance to put a lot of time into
> libtool, and things will slow down considerably again now if my
> Internet connection really is back to (something like) normal again.

Yep, when the tool mostly "Just Works" the motivation to allocate scarce
resources (like personal free time) to it is somewhat lacking.  I think
that's true for all of us.

> I have another 20 or so patches left incubating in my unpublished
> queue, and I will be done for now after those are polished and pushed
> over the next month or two.

Too bad.  If your inet stayed down longer, I was going to suggest
implementing the long-desired "if $CC=gcc && $gnuld == yes; then use
compiler driver to link rather than ld, for all languages" optimization
-- thus getting rid of the predeps/postdeps/prelibs/postlibs kludginess
for GNU compilers (incl. cygming).  Oh well. :-)

Attached, see test log for $host=cygwin. I had to use 'make -k check
gl_public_submodule_commit=' -- I'm not sure why, but perhaps your
working tree is using private gnulib mods?

I'll send testsuite.dir privately.


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