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Re: lilypond book issues version 2.5.19

From: Bernard Hurley
Subject: Re: lilypond book issues version 2.5.19
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 11:22:36 +0100

> > > It `normalises' the `@' character, so it no longer is of type
> > > `letter'.  I also wonder why it's here.  Additionally, it should
> > > be
> > > 
> > >   address@hidden
> > >
> > > to make TeX stop parsing after the `2'.
> > > 
> > 
> > Isn't his what \makeatother is for?
> This isn't defined for plain TeX.

But lilypond-book produces a LaTeX document, not a TeX document.

> > In any case, it looks like it should _not_ be here, after all
> > someone might "@" in \preLilyPondExample and then get surprised at
> > the result!
> I disagree.  `@' should *always* be of category `other' for the user.
> If she wants to change that she should explicitly change the catcode.
> This is standard LaTeX practise.

Sorry, I agree, I was confusing \makeatletter and \makeatother! The code
really does nothing here because `@' will already have category `other'
in a normal LaTeX file.

> > I should have thought if that since my wife is Chinese! I still
> > think that being able to put a macro between the systems would be
> > useful.
> Since LilyPond completely takes care of formatting pages, this isn't
> really useful.  Think of LilyPond returning an `image' of a piece of
> music which is accidentally in TeX format.  If you want something
> between the systems, make LilyPond do that.  Otherwise use two or more
> LilyPond snippets.

When called from lilypond-book, LilyPond does _not_ take care of
formatting the pages. This is precisely the reason I started using it.
So that I can have a multi-movement score with fancy headers, table of
contents, etc. What it does is to break a long score up into several
snippets each of which is included individually. It would be extremely
useful to have a macro that added something between these snippets.

For example in 2.5.19 the code:

\input lily-1105931465-systems.tex

In Text.tex was generated from the _single_ call:


It does not result in one postscript snippet being included but six as
can be seen by looking at the contents of lily-1105931465-systems.tex:

% eof - 'eof' is Makefile marker; do not remove. 

It has to do something like this because Lilypond cannot possibly know
where one page ends and the next starts. It would be very useful indeed
to be able to put a macro between these calls to \includegraphics.


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