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Re: removing unwanted accidentals

From: Karl Hammar
Subject: Re: removing unwanted accidentals
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 19:59:35 +0200

> >*No*, the forget does not work for:
>  act 1, aria 13, bar  6 Violin II: the b is shown with natural
>  act 1, aria 13, bar 11 Violin  I: the f is shown with natural
> Elsewhere yes, but not for theese two notes.>
> When I print out Score13, neither of these errors are present, even if I add 
> the line:

No one of the ScoreXX has theese problems.
I used them to speed up proofreading.

The problem appears when I put all the movements together and resets
the bar number, as in

> #(set-accidental-style 'forget), which should suppress it in context of the 
> total score. Don't forget you can set that anywhere in the score and reverse 
> it with:
> #(set-accidental-style 'default).
> Stephen 


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