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RE: Octave checks, relative, and spurious warnings ...

From: Anthony Youngman
Subject: RE: Octave checks, relative, and spurious warnings ...
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 2006 11:31:54 +0100

Sounds good.

I'm trying to test it to see if it works for me, but (running in mingw,
W2K) when I add it into my files lily just seems to crash - I don't get
the cmd.exe window appear, or I get loads of complaints in the log file.

I guess I'm doing something silly, but I'd say this is a worthwhile
addition if it does what I think it does.


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To: Anthony Youngman
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Subject: Re: Octave checks, relative, and spurious warnings ...

Anthony Youngman schreef:
> The manual says there's a difference between "=" and \octave (section
> 6.2.2) but both of them are giving me warnings - is there any way I
> say "I need this absolute note" in this sort of situation without
> generating warnings?

does this help?

I wrote it for Darius a while back, but maybe we should add it to the 
standard .ly include ?

resetOctave  =
    (parser location reference-note)

    ((notes (ly:music-property reference-note 'elements))
     (pitch (ly:music-property (car notes) 'pitch))


    (set! (ly:music-property reference-note 'elements) '())
    (set! (ly:music-property reference-note
       (lambda (music last-pitch)


\relative c' {
   c d e
   \resetOctave c''


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