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Re: Documentation translation: first patch

From: Han-Wen Nienhuys
Subject: Re: Documentation translation: first patch
Date: Sun, 26 Nov 2006 20:01:13 +0100
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John Mandereau escreveu:
> I'm not sure what Jan means, but instead of just a CONTENT_NEGOTIATION
> switch, there could be several simultaneous docs targets,  as I
> suggested in
> I don't mean the html docs should be builded twice from the Texinfo
> sources, rather than the WWW-post makefile target would create one or
> several trees, depending on a FINAL_TARGETS variable. There should be at
> least two possible targets, one for the online flavor, and the other for
> the offline flavor.

> For example,
> make FINAL_TARGETS='online offline' web
> would build both targets, and FINAL_TARGETS could default to 'offline'
> as most builders don't care about the online flavor.

> I guess this could be done by calling after copying
> the docs to /out-www/web-root, and add-html-footer could for each HTML
> input file write each flavor to a dedicated tree
> (/out-www/web-root-online, /out-www/web-root-offline).
> I hope this plan shouldn't involve ugly/clever hacks. How does it sound?

Sounds ok to me.

> I'm going to create a "DOCUMENTATION TRANSLATORS" section in THANKS, and

maybe we could just have a TRANSLATORS section?

> Speaking of, I have some questions about style. I think I understand the
> reasons leading to most of the rules in README.txt, except one.
> It sounds well to me that most snippets continue the sentence, as if
> music or code were just words; however, I feel there needs to be a colon
> in much more places in French translation than in the original, because
> I feel the snippet is another part of the sentence there.

This is about NEWS, right?

> About fresh news from the translators, Ludovic Sardain has translated
> introduction.itely. IMHO we should deal with the tutorial well first,

Cool. Please encourage people to send feedback about the text as well
btw. introduction.itely hasn't been revised for a long time.


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