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Re: git patch

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: git patch
Date: Tue, 05 Dec 2006 08:47:34 +0100
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If you browse through the git repository on-line, you will see that your patches
are included. However, I note that the starting point for your diff of
advanced-notation.itely below didn't include the patch I made to the same line
4 days ago.

Regarding the use of git, I certainly had to do some trial and error to get started. At the LilyPond side, we should at least provide the most basic information in
INSTALL or README, such as
- Where to download git if it isn't already available on your machine.
- For us with write access, how to specify the ssh access.
- ...


Graham Percival wrote:
OK, I just spent an hour fighting with git with no results. I'm going to delete everything and start from scratch.

Could somebody commit these for me? I don't want to lose these (small) changes.

- Graham

commit 902cc3c383928273b8aedf507158bcce1b7a65e4
Author: Graham Percival <address@hidden>
Date:   Sat Dec 2 00:27:13 2006 -0800

    Doc new way of doing MIDI (totally blatant FIXME).

diff --git a/Documentation/user/non-music.itely 
index f477d88..4145486 100644
--- a/Documentation/user/non-music.itely
+++ b/Documentation/user/non-music.itely
@@ -763,12 +763,15 @@ to a score, for example,
 \score @{
-  \midi @{  @}
+   \midi @{
+     \context @{
+       \Score
+       tempoWholesPerMinute = #(ly:make-moment 72 4)
+       @}
+     @}
 @end example
 The tempo is specified using the @code{\tempo} command.  In this
 example the tempo of quarter notes is set to 72 beats per minute.
commit 20e0dfa606c9cf1ce1659dc7a000026d988e05c4
Author: Graham Percival <address@hidden>
Date:   Fri Dec 1 23:39:45 2006 -0800

    Remove link to nonexistant example, thanks Mats!

diff --git a/Documentation/user/advanced-notation.itely 
index b327f8a..9813358 100644
--- a/Documentation/user/advanced-notation.itely
+++ b/Documentation/user/advanced-notation.itely
@@ -1399,7 +1399,7 @@ or @code{\RemoveEmptyRhythmicStaffContex
Another application is making ossia sections, i.e., alternative
 melodies on a separate piece of staff, with help of a Frenched
-staff.  See @inputfileref{input/@/test,ossia@/.ly} for an example.
@node Quoting other voices

commit a273e234a7b542ddb64735fc89ff0a57ae9bd892
Author: gperciva <address@hidden>
Date:   Fri Dec 1 21:06:26 2006 -0800

    Typo and git test.

diff --git a/COPYING b/COPYING
index c00538b..32f7714 100644
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-If you want to redistribute LilyPond, you must comply with the the GNU
+If you want to redistribute LilyPond, you must comply with the GNU
 General Public License (reproduced below). This license applies to
 LilyPond with the following exceptions:

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