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Re: second thoughts about @samp{}

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: second thoughts about @samp{}
Date: Fri, 12 Oct 2007 15:02:55 -0700
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Kurt Kroon wrote:
I'm getting "can't connect to the server errors" ... so I can't refer to it
(in the HTML output, anyway).

It's fine when I connect from the lab, but apparently it doesn't work from off-campus since yesterday. What a great webserver. :/

Anybody have a server they don't mind donating to GDP? The bandwidth is quite low, but building the docs takes a fair amount of extra programs (imagemagick, etc) and CPU time (about 45 minutes on a G5 machine, and I do this once a day).

Agreed. So, then, here's the revised documentation standard:

@code{}: actual lilypond code or property/context names (even for
single-letter identifiers to minimize the possibility of confusion with the

@musicterm{} (with a pertinent macro): refers to pieces of notation, such
as: @musicterm{crescendo} is often abbreviated as @musicterm{cresc.}
Or my suggestion @notation -- @notation{crescendo} is often abbreviated as

@q{}: used for `vague' terms in English (and other natural languages).

@qq{}: only for actual quotes -- i.e. "he said" or "she wrote".


PS: I restate the standard to keep track of the reason for the discussion.
Without it, I find myself asking rather too often: "what started this
discussion, and are we working towards resolving that issue? Or are we just
talking to hear our own voice?" Not a popular observation ... but it does
keep people (especially me) on topic.

It's a good idea. At this point, I'd _like_ to say "don't worry, I keep on updating the doc policy on opihi/gdp/policy.txt..." but since the webserver decided to stop working a few hours before the weekend (ie no university IT guys looking into the problem until Monday), this isn't very helpful. :(

Actually, on second thought you could still check the sources on git. Lilypond git -> lilypond/gdp branch -> Documentation/user/policy.txt

It's probably easier just to post the text in the email, though.

- Graham

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