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Re: texi2html build system

From: Reinhold Kainhofer
Subject: Re: texi2html build system
Date: Sun, 6 Apr 2008 18:36:10 +0200
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Am Sonntag, 6. April 2008 schrieben Sie:
> > I now made everything build just fine and installed the branch also on
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > There, everything is built with texi2html. Of course, there are several
> > issues that need to be fixed...
> Yes, for example PNG images used e.g. in Introduction:
>arning/Engraving.html texi2html does't simplify the path
> "../out-www/foo-flat.png" into
> "foo-flat.png", 

Hmm, I'll have to take a look at this one.

Another issue is due to the way we split documents (i.e. only at numbered 
nodes, all unnumbered will be put together into the same file). this creates 
problems when a file does not have any @chapter or @section, but only 
@unnumbered and @unnumberedsec, etc. Also, I added @contents to all manuals 
(except the IR, where it should be added, too), because otherwise the main 
page won't get a TOC on the left, and there will be no [Contents] link...

I've now changed the internals reference and the snippets page in 
dev/texi2html to include numbered chapters instead of @unnumbered. i think 
that's better anyway, since you can say "look at section 2.4 Internal context 
properties", and everyone will find that page. Without the TOC on the left 
and without a section number, you'd have to a much harder time.

I suppose in the IR, also the third-level elements (e.g. all contexts) should 
get their own number, so they are put into a separate file each. currently, 
they are all stuffed into one file:
(That's also the reason why several links to the IR in the NR are broken).

BTW, a few days ago, I changed the file names to be 100% compatible to the 
file names generated by texinfo (at least, according to the manual).

The regression tests don't have any TOC, but still the space is reserved. 
Idially, we could split the test files into several chapters (which would 
still go in one big file) and add some nice navigation. 
In particular, the MusicXML regression/coverage test files are already sorted 
into various categories (indicated by the first to digits of the file name).


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