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Re: accel./rit. in MIDI?

From: peterc
Subject: Re: accel./rit. in MIDI?
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 07:35:57 +1100
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My `Better Midi' script does this, at least in part.

I've so far implemented rall, rit, poco rit, a tempo and tempo I.

Still to do are accel, stringendo, faster, ritardando, ritenuto,
slower, etc.

But there are so many different ways of expressing, `slow down a bit'
used by so many different composers, that the general case, without
deeper Lilypond support, is quite hard.  You really want to split the
textual markup from the tempo change

FWIW, I've appended the `articulate' script again here.  The last
version I posted had a couple of minor bugs in this area.

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