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Re: Good luck, Valentin

From: Valentin Villenave
Subject: Re: Good luck, Valentin
Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 10:41:07 +0100

2009/2/4 Trevor Daniels <address@hidden>:

> Wow!  This is a major work!  It must be the largest LilyPond score
> ever!  I compiled the full score last night to peruse, and it looks
> awesome.   The pdf file is 6.65 Mb!

Thanks a lot, but this is nothing compared to Nicolas' work :-)

(I haven't had a chance to have a look at Kieren's works either, but
I'm sure it's quite impressive too.)

> I haven't yet been able to look at it musically, but I thought I'd let you
> know that it can be downloaded easily from your git site (although
> you need to be git-aware to do this), and compiled under Vista.

Oh, thanks for testing. Alternatively, the PDF can be downloaded at my
homepage (I'll make an English version too).

> I had to change only the \includes in from
> \include "./foo/"   to  \include "foo/"

Well, this is Windows. The reason why I have "./" is just in case I
might need to rearrange the subdirectories, and do a find-and-replace
in the paths.

> but otherwise it worked first time out of the box.  There are a few
> warnings, mainly about beam slopes and between-system-padding,
> nothing serious.

Yes. It used to compile without a *single* warning, but since I had to
make a few modifications in a rush, I guess this isn't true anymore...

> It took quite a time to compile on my 2Gb laptop, partly because I
> inadvertently started two compiles of the full score simultaneously (I now
> realise!), which caused quite a bit of paging, as you might
> imagine.  It should compile much faster on a 4Gb machine, or one
> at a time!

Yes. RAM is the key, indeed.

> I'm not surprised!  I can't imagine even transcribing a work of this
> magnitude, let alone composing it!

Trust me, the LilyPonding was the fun part :-)

> I can't wait to examine it more closely now I have the score.

I'm looking forward to have a multi-language version. The source code
is well localized, and there are only a couple of files to translate
(possibly with some modifications in the vocal parts, that could be
easily achieved using tags).

> I'm looking forward to discovering what the watering can means :)

This is because there's a character whom everyone think of as the
castle's gardener, until we discover it's actually God :-)

> An opera promoter friend of mine is quite keen on comic opera.
> I intend to show him this.  If you ever hear of a translation into English
> let me know.  I'm afraid I don't have any language skills,
> though.

Hopefully, the subtitles will be easy enough to translate (even
roughly); this could then lead to an English version of the score

> Many, many thanks for all your work on this, and for LilyPond.

Well, I'm not sure I deserve that... Unlike most of you guys, I had a
personal, selfish reason to be working on LilyPond :-)


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