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Re: tab characters in the source code

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: tab characters in the source code
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 2009 11:27:42 +0200

Op donderdag 09-04-2009 om 09:53 uur [tijdzone +0100], schreef Anthony
W. Youngman:

> Someone else will know more than me, but I think the linux kernel 
> standards

What a good idea!  But wait, maybe we can start or join join some kind
of "linux software group" and use their standards?  Only softwares
that are also given away for free would be allowed to join.  I like
animals, can someone think of a funny animal to name this group?  How 
about a zebra?

We could then maybe sponsor that group to create a programmer's editor
--that would be something that everyone needs?  We could make it
automatically format the program code so that it adheres to that 
standard while you type.  It could also have a function to reformat
existing code, we could call that "indent-region" and bind it to M-C-\ .

Then maybe we could even write a script to check all code once in
a while, possibly by using that editor too, and call the script
scripts/auxiliar/ ?

> >Han-Wen
> >(being trained to avoid tabs during daytime)

Or we could just do whatever Han-Wen's current employer happens
to prefer.  That may be more practical, and easier for Han-Wen too.


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