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Re: define-grobs.scm properties not alphabetical

From: Neil Puttock
Subject: Re: define-grobs.scm properties not alphabetical
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2009 00:24:01 +0100

2009/6/19 Mark Polesky <address@hidden>:
>> One curious thing I've noticed when looking over this
>> is in the definition for Script:
>> line 1477:   ;; don't set direction here: it breaks staccato.
>> ...then 9 lines later, direction is set...
>> line 1486:   (direction . ,ly:script-interface::calc-direction)
>> I don't know if that means anything, I'm just reporting on it.

This is just one of those left-over comments which should have been
removed ages ago.

> Also, what is meant by this comment in SpanBar
> line 1595:         ;; ugh duplication!

The properties underneath are copied from BarLine.

> If I'm moving things around, where should I put that comment?

I think the cleanest way would be to make an exception to the sorting
and keep these properties together, otherwise you'll have to add a
comment to each or put the comment at the top of the grob description
together with a list of the duplicated properties.

> And TextScript has 2 'direction entries:
> line 1876:   (direction . ,DOWN)
> line 1883:   (direction . ,ly:script-interface::calc-direction)

I'd remove the latter entry, since it's overridden by the former and
is incompatible with TextScripts which have no explicit direction set.


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