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Re: Main page of new website [was: some css tweaks]

From: Maximilian Albert
Subject: Re: Main page of new website [was: some css tweaks]
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2009 11:00:02 +0900

Hi all,

sorry, this is only going to be a quick reply and I'll be away on the
leave for a few days (or perhaps even up to 1-2 weeks), so a more
elaborate reply will have to wait until I'm back. I started writing up
a longer email, but I realized that what I said was so imprecise
(because it's more related to some vague feelings I'm having rather
than to specific issues I could put my finger on) that I decided to
think about it a bit more thoroughly and get back to you when I have
more specific suggestions. My apologies for the noise so far.

> What about showing "... music notation for everyone" in a larger font
> size,

That would definitely be a big improvement, and one which is most easy
to achieve. I'd vote for it.

BTW, I just noticed that there is now a second subtitle on which reads "free music
notation software". IMHO this destroys the slogan-ness of the title to
some extent and makes it more clumsy to read because of the additional
line. Why not simply increase the font size of "... music notation for

> [...] and adding a small cropped excerpt of Lily-generated picture of
> music at the right of "LilyPond" title?

That might be a good thing, too, although on second thought I tend to
agree with Graham's concerns about having two pictures next to the
title. Also, I fear that simply "pasting" some LilyPond output might
make the page appear less well-integrated. Although on second thought
I may be wrong. Perhaps it's worth a try.

> You proposed something similar
> later in your talkative email, did you have in mind something like the
> attached pitcure?

Sorry for having been talkative, I could/should have condensed my
thoughts properly before sending this. But it was late, I had had a
long day and was tired so I hope you didn't mind me just writing what
came to my mind. In any case, I sincerely hope I didn't step on
anyone's feet, and in the end it's not my opinion that counts anyway.
It was just something I felt and wanted to mention.

OK, more to follow when I'm back and have a better idea of what I
really want to talk about. :-)

All the best and thanks for everyone's hard work!

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