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Re: 2 songs on one page

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: 2 songs on one page
Date: Mon, 11 Jan 2010 11:18:44 +0100
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Patrick Horgan wrote:
Kieren MacMillan wrote:
Hi Patrick (et al.),

for people who haven't used the LSR (lilypond snippet repository) before,
if you click on the pretty pictures of things you want to do,
they turn into lilypond code for you to learn from:)  It's all automagic.

Your post brings up a good point: each LSR snippet page should explicitly say 
It would make life easier for everyone.
Wouldn't that be grand. I thought of suggesting it, but wondered about whether every page should take up space for something people only need to hear once. Of course there are a lot of people seeing a page from the LSR for the first time.
It wouldn't hurt to have it on every page, especially, since many answers on the mailing list just provide a link directly to an LRS snippet.

I'd also like to reiterate my old wish to include a \version statement in the displayed code (even if it isn't included in the database itself).



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