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Re: [PATCH]: Clean up `make help' output.

From: John Mandereau
Subject: Re: [PATCH]: Clean up `make help' output.
Date: Wed, 20 Jan 2010 00:51:08 +0100

Le mardi 19 janvier 2010 à 09:47 -0800, Mark Polesky a écrit :
> I see.  Okay, here's a new patch that
>   * cleans up some more `make help' outputs
>   * incorporates multiple lines of "@echo"

LGTM, except that changes to mutopia-targets.make is completely useless,

find -name 'GNUmakefile*' |xargs grep mutopia

from the source tree shows that mutopia stepmake template is no longer
used (and thus should be removed, but not in this patch anyway).

> I didn't know exactly what to do with these lines in
>, so I left them alone for now:
> 249 test:
> 250         @echo -en 'For tracking crashes: use\n\n\t'
> 251         @echo 'grep sourcefilename [...]'
> 252         @echo

How about replacing it with

        @echo 'For tracking crashes: use'
        @echo '        grep sourcefilename [...]'



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