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mac osx terminal instructions

From: James Bailey
Subject: mac osx terminal instructions
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2010 08:12:50 +0100

Currently, the instructions on getting LilyPond up and running in a terminal on mac osx have the user create a script which calls the lilypond application, and then add the location of the script to the $PATH. Is there any advantage of this over just having the user add the location of the lilypond binary to the $PATH? Most users are just going to over-write the old application when they update, so the path to the binaries will stay the same, and it also has the advantage of automatically adding midi2ly, xml2ly, and convert-ly to the $PATH as well as lilypond? Is there some added benefit of using the exec command? I stopped doing it that way a long time ago and haven't had any problems. I think it would also make the steps to getting lilypond working on the terminal in OSX a lot easier, since all you have to do is add lilypond to your $PATH, which is basically the last step of the current method.

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