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Re: mac osx terminal instructions

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: mac osx terminal instructions
Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2010 10:00:05 +0100

On 7 Mar 2010, at 08:12, James Bailey wrote:

Currently, the instructions on getting LilyPond up and running in a terminal on mac osx have the user create a script which calls the lilypond application, and then add the location of the script to the $PATH. Is there any advantage of this over just having the user add the location of the lilypond binary to the $PATH?

They are different: has other stuff in it than just the lilypond programs, for example ps2pdf. If one adds this location to the environment variable PATH, one must decide which version of these to call. But one could add /usr/local/ bin/ before the Lilypond directory. In addition, I have paths to MacPorts /opt/, Fink /sw/, and TeX-Live /usr/local/texlive/ TeX.

LilyPond seems fairly up-to-date, so it might be added after before or after MacPorts.


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