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page-based header functions

From: Kieren MacMillan
Subject: page-based header functions
Date: Mon, 24 May 2010 12:37:36 -0400

Hi all!

I want to [finally] get my Scheme-fu up to snuff, and I'm thinking of doing 
that by developing the following wish-list item: I would like to be able to 
write my headers/footers like this [warning: pseudocode]:

\footer {
  \if-page #'first { FIRST PAGE FOOTER }
  \if-page #'odd { ODD PAGE FOOTER }
  \if-page #'even { EVEN PAGE FOOTER }
  \if-page #'last { LAST PAGE FOOTER }
  \if-page #7 { SEVENTH PAGE FOOTER }

1. Can this be done entirely in Scheme? [Intuition: YES.]
2. Is there are better syntax? [Intuition: YES.]
3. Is everything I need to know how to do this available in the existing 
titling code? [Intuition: YES.]


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