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Re: Distributions upgrading to Python 3

From: Benjamin Peterson
Subject: Re: Distributions upgrading to Python 3
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 2010 03:30:12 +0000 (UTC)
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Patrick McCarty <pnorcks <at>> writes:

> Hello,
> Arch Linux will be migrating to Python 3 very soon,

What does this mean? "$ python" will give Python 3?

If so, that's no good. "python3" is supposed to be the name of the Python 3
executable for time in memoriam.

> The distribution-wide policy is as follows: Any applications that
> still need Python 2 will depend on the "python2" package, which
> provides a "python2" symlink to the currently installed Python 2
> executable (in this case, soon to be "python2.7").
> I know that LilyPond proper is not going to migrate yet,
> understandably, so I will soon need to use the "python2" package.
> There are two issues I am running into:
> --) Two scripts still have "/usr/bin/python" lines
> (python/auxiliar/, and scripts/build/
> Those should be changed to "@PYTHON@", right?
> --) Some scripts use "/usr/bin/env python", which IIRC, is the best
> solution for Mac OS X users.  However, I would need "/usr/bin/env
> python2" instead for these scripts to work.

As a said above (at least from the upstream Python developer's point of view),
the "python" should continue to be Python 2.

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