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Re: Remove from common note name languages. (issue2755041)

From: Hans Aberg
Subject: Re: Remove from common note name languages. (issue2755041)
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2010 00:44:49 +0200

On 28 Oct 2010, at 00:20, Valentin Villenave wrote:

Just mentioning it. When LilyPond expand being capable of handling more
music outside CPP, there might be more such details [popping] up.

(no comment)

Sorry, a typo. :-)

Hans, you always have very interesting things to say on these

That is kind said of you.

However, since we're drifting waaay beyond my area of
expertise here (if I ever had one), could you please be a tad more
specific and suggest, concretely, how I can improve the documentation
for makam tunings and maqam modes?

Perhaps by pointing out the specifics of the LilyPond implementation.

I'm fine with adding precise references and explaining what the
different systems are, why we use AEU/E108 tuning, etc. The Turkish
music section is not very detailed right now, and could certainly be
improved (possibly by adding a new section, I'm not sure yet). But
please do keep in mind that I'm driving blind here, so to say.

Basically, LilyPond is a hack, but it may be fine if you are only interested in the typesetting and not having the MIDI files tuned exactly right. The difference might be considered slight, too.

The same applies to - I recall it uses E24. The Arabic microtonal symbols are from E24, but the tuning use in actual performance is different.

The Persian LilyPOnd file uses E60, I think.

It has to do with the limitations of LilyPond at the time it was made, encouraging multiples of E12. Graham Breed made extensions to any tuning he said, but that has not yet found its way into these files.

Moreover, the patch we're discussing adds a whole chapter to the music
Glossary, dedicated to "non-Western" languages (even though I now
understand it could be more accurately named "non-CPP").

I have found that some can be confused over that Western folk music and Medieval music are non-Western in the sense you use the term. So gradually, over the years, I found CPP captures it more accurately.

Since the LilyPond project tries to some extend inform about musical usage, it might be best for it to stick to terms that best captures it, and then, in additional, indicate informal usage. That is the principle I see here.

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