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Re: PATCH - DOC: Added @knownissue to NR for fingering

From: David Kastrup
Subject: Re: PATCH - DOC: Added @knownissue to NR for fingering
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2011 23:47:41 +0100
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James Lowe <address@hidden> writes:

> Doc: Added @knownissue to NR for fingering
> By default double-digit fingering (i.e. >9) is not possible using
> normal fingering markups. There is an LSR that has been posted for approval
> at the time of this patch, and will be included in the snippet link in the
> @seealso already in this section.
> Tidied up some grammar and minor punctuation changes.
> ---
> Came out of

Stupid question: since I can see no use for following a fingering with a
digit, why don't we just change the parser appropriately?  _If_ there is
some use for numbers greater than 10 (apart from the current situation,
button accordion fingerings may need to be underlined in order to
indicate helper rows, and one could likely just put something in the
engraver which does this for numbers greater 10, deducting 10 in the
process), rather than making yet-another-LSR-snippet, we could just
allow larger numbers.

Any reason not to?

David Kastrup

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