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Re: Fix issue 75: Allow multiple concurrent slurs (issue4643067)

From: reinhold . kainhofer
Subject: Re: Fix issue 75: Allow multiple concurrent slurs (issue4643067)
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2011 12:17:46 +0000

Reviewers: J_lowe,

On 2011/07/04 00:18:07, J_lowe wrote:
Hello, I get an error when I try to make:

That's fixed now.


Fix issue 75: Allow multiple concurrent slurs

Rewrite the Slur_engraver and the Phrasing_slur_engraver to support
multiple concurrent slurs. The default lilypond syntax using parentheses
still supports only one slur at a time, but by adding a slur-id property
to the (Phrasing)SlurEvent music expression, one can create multiple
concurrent slurs, each with a different slur-id.

This finally allows appoggiaturas and acciaccaturas (which both create a
slur from the grace note the the next note) to be placed inside a slur.

Please review this at

Affected files:
  A input/regression/
  A input/regression/
  A input/regression/
  M lily/
  M lily/
  M lily/
  M ly/
  M scm/define-grob-properties.scm
  M scm/define-grobs.scm
  M scm/define-music-properties.scm
  M scm/define-music-types.scm

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