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Re: *.profile file changes in regression tests?

From: Graham Percival
Subject: Re: *.profile file changes in regression tests?
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2011 06:31:23 +0000
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On Thu, Nov 03, 2011 at 12:38:02AM +0000, Adam Spiers wrote:
> Do I need to create an issue and/or Rietveld entry for this and for
> my other patch to {doc,cg}, or will someone who knows the
> processes (e.g. Bug Squad member) take care of this?

Ideally, upload it with our git-cl:

that will automatically create rietveld and issue.  This isn't
documented in the CG yet because it's still new and we're
debugging it.  If you find an unhandled exception or something,
let me know, and/or patch it.

You can push directly to git-cl master; I've added aspiers as a
collaborator to that repo.

I've also added you to the lilypond-extra repo:
in case you're interested in the patches/ subdirectory.  The plan
is that we'll have a cronjob run
every 12 hours, which will automatically merge (or rebase)
dev/staging with master, compile the docs, and if they build, push
that merge.

also of interest may be
which automatically downloads all Patch-new issues from the issue
tracker (after people upload them with our modified git-cl
script), checks that the patch applies + compiles, then it keeps a
regtest comparison around for a human to look at.  Ideally, the
rejection should be automatic (if it fails to apply or compile),
whereas the final acceptance only happens once somebody has looked
at the regtests.  At the moment it's all manual, though.

- Graham

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