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LSR updates

From: Phil Holmes
Subject: LSR updates
Date: Sun, 8 Apr 2012 12:36:05 +0100

OK. I'm in the final throes of updating the LSR and have found 2 issues exemplified by a single file. In snippets/new we used to have a file called, with a doctitle of "Screech and Boink" and an LSR tag of "headwords".

First problem. If this is added to the LSR with that Title, the filename produced in the tarball is, which is different. So it would seem the docs would need updating. But if I git grep screech-boink I get 8 itely files (all the translations), 10 po/pot files plus a lytex file. Do all these need updating? Is there a quick grep-py way of doing it if so?

Second problem. uses an explicit list of directories where it takes snippets from to add them to Doc/snippets. It's this:

TAGS = []
# NR 1
TAGS.extend (['pitches', 'rhythms', 'expressive-marks',
'repeats', 'simultaneous-notes', 'staff-notation',
'editorial-annotations', 'text'])
# NR 2
TAGS.extend (['vocal-music', 'chords', 'keyboards',
'percussion', 'fretted-strings', 'unfretted-strings',
'ancient-notation', 'winds', 'world-music'

# other
TAGS.extend (['contexts-and-engravers', 'tweaks-and-overrides',
'paper-and-layout', 'breaks', 'spacing', 'midi', 'titles', 'template'])

So it doesn't even find, since it's only in the headwords directory. Does anyone know why makelsr doesn't just iterate over all the subdirectories in the tarball, rather that restricting itself to a specific list?

This issue could be fixed 3 ways: add a further tag to the snippet in the LSR; extend the list of tags; or use all the files in the directory. I'd prefer the latter, since the current system is confusing - it took me about an hour to work out why screech and boink wasn't in the snippet listing.

Phil Holmes

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