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Re: 30 day webathon for kickstarter support (issue 6068045)

From: mike
Subject: Re: 30 day webathon for kickstarter support (issue 6068045)
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 11:28:59 +0000

On 2012/04/25 11:25:02, Graham Percival wrote:
First, editing embedded javascript is not a general solution.

Second, I'm not at all certain we want to have commercial
announcements in that
area.  I'm sorry if I gave the impression that this was to be a green
light for
any kind of announcement.

Why wouldn't this be a general solution?  I think that anyone who wants
to add an announcement would have to:

a) Add an entry to the array.
b) Build the website and make sure that their entry fits.

Also, in the most recent patchset I've changed my text to get rid of the
kickstarter bit.  I'll change the issue names as well.

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